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Everything you need to know about cloud

Digitisation has the power to improve the supply chain by increasing the value of services. A fresh viewpoint is required for digital technology to provide new supply chain opportunities. Organisations should rethink the supply chain as a digital supply network that connects people, information, and finance as well as physical product and service flows. People and data, as well as resources, goods, and supplies, must travel together across the extended organisation in an abstract sense.


Why Good Supplier Relationships Matter

Building relationships with suppliers is a necessity for any company with the aim of trading and doing business as seamlessly as possible. Suppliers, especially dedicated ones, are as essential a part of the funnel as any other. Their importance is often undervalued by businesses, wrongly assuming that their relationship with the supplier goes no further than negotiating prices and paying the invoices, but this assumption is naïve and short-sighted, and this is why.


Volume Rebate Incentives Explained

In simple terms, a rebate is a long-term discount that incentivises sales and drives growth, instead of a supplier offering a buyer a discount initially, vendors will offer a rebate incentive to their buyer


Supply Chain Risk Management – All You Need to Know

Individual corporations and firms have been aware of the need for contingency planning and risk management for a long time.


Trends in Rebate Management for 2022

2022 is here, in what we all hope will be a bumper year for businesses across the board. After a couple of tumultuous years for many, businesses need to start thinking about the trends in rebate management that we can expect over the coming year.


A Guide to Forecasting Rebates

Forecasting rebates is essential for resource allocation and reducing unnecessary spending. However, forecasting rebates in-house has its limitations. Static spreadsheet documents and manual processes are a timely burden to any business. Let’s quickly discuss rebate management before we reveal some great tips on how to forecast rebates.


5 Reasons to Digitise Supply Chain Integration

Since the conception of the internet, innumerable processes from every sector of work and business have converted from traditional methods to contemporary digital alternatives. Supply chain integration should be no different. Here are 5 reasons why supply chain integration should be digitised.

Leanne Bonner-Cooke e-bate CEO

'I AM A FEMALE ENTREPRENEUR' - A poem by CEO Leanne Bonner-Cooke MBE

I recently attended an event as a Guest Speaker, and was invited to talk about something that I was passionate about to inspire and entertain a room full of business owners and entrepreneurs. So, I decided to talk about my journey as an entrepreneur and the bumps in the road that come with it.


Using Rebates and Rebate Strategies in the Wholesale Industry

Tags - Wholesale Rebate Management

The wholesale industry is heavily reliant on rebates.

As a result, rebates are an essential part of complex contracts between buyers and sellers, making them the focal point of pricing strategies.


How To Choose The Right Rebate Management Software Partner

Tags - Choosing a Rebate Management Software Partner

How do you select the best rebate management software for your business?

It’s a tough decision to make, with sign-off nightmares and dead-ends as far as the eye can see!

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